Assassination Classroom Volume 4 Cover.
Image courtesy of VIZ Media.


  • Story: Yusei Matsui.
  • Art: Yusei Matsui.
  • Released: June 2nd, 2015.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 192.

Irina’s mentor Lovro comes to the school in hopes of replacing her and assassinating Koro Sensei himself. Koro Sensei has a better idea and instead suggests a contest between Lovro and Irina to see who can assassinate Karasuma first. The winner stays and the loser leaves. Soon after Koro Sensei, Karma, and Nagisa fly to Hawaii to go the movies. A new transfer student named Itona Horibe joins the class. Itona has a mysterious past and not much is known about him. However, he does claim to be the brother of Koro Sensei. An epic battle between Koro Sensei and Itona ensues. After the battle, class 3-E plays in a intramural sports tournament.

This volume was full of new characters and plot points. So much has happened in this volume. Between the contest, the new student, and the sports tournament this volume was impossible to put down. The addition of Itona added a lot of questions to the questions I already have. We know very little of Koro Sensei and now we have his brother that we know even less about. Even more off putting is Koro Sensei is an octopus like creature and Itona is human. They evidently do not resemble each other in the slightest. Not sure if I believe the whole sibling thing but this series is full of surprises.

The students of class 3-E face a lot of adversity from every direction. It is easy to forget that the characters are merely junior high students. Even with all the problems they face not a single student cracks under the pressure. In fact, they have all risen to the challenge to assassinate their teacher before their given deadline. A heavy task weighs on the shoulders of these students and yet they handle it with grace. The students have been disregarded in every aspect. From academics to sports no one gives the students a chance. It is humbling to see what they are capable of.

This volume was full of story and new concepts. With all that is going on it is difficult to not be excited to see what more these students can do. This is easily the best entry yet. I hope that you will enjoy this series as much as I have. Assassination Classroom Volume 4 was an amazing read.