Assassination Classroom Title.

 Modern day Tokyo, just a normal day until 70% of the moon was destroyed. Enter Koro Sensei, a 10-foot-tall sentient cephalopod bent on the destruction of Earth. It is up to the students from class 3-E of Kunugigaoka junior high school to assassinate the fiend before graduation or else the Earth will suffer the same fate as the moon. It will take many attempts, unrivaled courage and teamwork to fell Koro Sensei. But surely the students have it in them to destroy a monster that not even the military could stop, right?

The first season was full of action, comedy, and drama. Dozens of characters were introduced and several story arcs were completed. As far as favorites go I would have to say that Koro Sensei himself is my favorite. Koro Sensei is the kind of enemy that you just can’t hate. The students are all great and have several developments throughout the season. Karasuma is the straight laced, government official whose sole purpose is to stop Koro Sensei. While Irina is more of the less serious and childish professional assassin that has her eyes on Karasuma. The characters are solid gold here. This anime was a great contender for one of my favorites. In the next few paragraphs we are going to break down the art/animation, sound/music, and story.

The art and animation were brilliant all throughout the season. In many examples the animation here was near second to none. Koro Sensei can move at Mach 20 speeds and that alone was captured perfectly. Not to mention all the insane assassination attempts from the students. The animation is fast, crisp, and clear. Even with the slower scenes the art did not let up. Every setting was highly detailed and perfectly illustrated. For example, the students took a class trip to Kyoto, and all of the sites they visited were realistic and made to scale with their real-life counterparts. The fight scenes were amazing and Class 3-E always seemed to find a way into one. But no matter the danger the students would always persevere.

The music and sound is the only let down in this entire series. The opening theme is my least favorite out of every anime I have ever seen.  Granted I have only been watching anime since 1997 but I have still seen a lot of anime. The ending theme is not so bad and it fits perfectly. A few original voice actors had made the opening theme, so I will give them kudos for an original work rather than using a current popular Japanese pop song. The soundtrack used throughout the series was spot on with most every situation, and with that I have zero complaints. Even with the sound being a small weak point the anime still shines bright.

The story is the best part about this anime. A ten-foot-tall cephalopod shrouded in mystery decides to teach a class of junior high school students. Even at the end of the season we still don’t know anything about Koro Sensei. Class 3-E goes through so much adversity. As 3-E is the worst of the worst, no one expects them to amount to anything. From poor accommodations on the school trip, to being picked on, even to being counted out when it came to the intramural sports tournament, these kids have it rough. Koro Sensei does everything he can to nurture the students and help them grow. Koro Sensei protects the students and puts them before anything else. That is why he is my favorite and it is impossible to hate him. Yes, he wants to blow up the Earth, but he is one of the best characters I have ever seen.

With everything considered I can confidently say that this series is for anyone. I am certain that anyone could watch the first episode and get hooked on the amazing art and story. Assassination Classroom is the kind of series where you always want to know what happens next. Also, a huge plus is that the anime is perfectly adapted from the manga. I am on volume 13 of the manga and so far, everything adds up perfectly. That aspect adds way more value to the series. I would give this anime a near perfect score. You should check out Assassination Classroom, you won’t regret it.