Death Note Volume 9 Cover.
Image courtesy of VIZ Media.


  • Story: Tsugumi Ohba.
  • Art: Takeshi Obata.
  • Released: January 2, 2007.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 208.

To speed up the process of catching Mello, Light mails the Death Note to the NPA and has Misa act as Kira. Now armed with the Death Note the NPA plan a second siege on Mello’s hideout, however this time Soichiro will have the Shinigami eyes to learn Mello’s real name. After the siege, the world is responding to the events set in motion by Kira’s actions. The USA refuses to apprehend Kira and acknowledges him, giving Light the break he needs to create his perfect world. But unbeknownst to Light, Mello and Near are moving in closer to bringing down Kira once and for all. It is only a matter of time. The only question that remains is who will get there first.

This volume was yet another emotional rollercoaster. As always, I will not spoil anything, but I will say that there is a death that I did not see coming. How it played out though was perfect, excellent writing as to be expected. I did not think that a main character could be removed so easily, with this death a new plot point was introduced in lessening the suspicion of Light. A fresh motive of vengeance has also been given to the NPA.

Light, Mello, and Near are all at each other’s throats in a race to see who can get who first. Light still appears to be complacent, and is getting caught up in Near’s interrogations, and incriminating himself. Mello is getting closer to Near and may have a spy on the inside. Light is slowly being backed into a corner with constantly battling Mello and Near. Now, things are not looking good for Light.

As to be expected the story is still expanding and weaving in several directions. Several questions remain unanswered. At times, Near and Mello appear to be working with each other, at other times they are at each other’s throats. It is impossible to tell how this series will conclude. Every time I develop a theory, something comes along and unravels it. I am eager to see at least one party leave the situation so that we can return to the old one on one aspect. At times the series is exhausting and overwhelming with all the characters doing their own thing.

This entry was not as strong as the previous entry, but it still stands tall on its own. The events that transpired in this volume were unreal and left me speechless. I cannot wait to see how Light continues to react to these events and how decides to handle Mello and Near. Death Note volume 9 was a fantastic read and I advise everyone to pick up this volume.