Tokyo Ghoul Volume 9 Cover.
Image courtesy of VIZ Media.


  • Story: Sui Ishida.
  • Art: Sui Ishida.
  • Released: October 18, 2016.
  • Imprint: VIZ Signature.
  • Pages: 200.

While the CCG was raiding the Aogiri hideout, Aogiri assaulted the Ghoul Prison and freed several of the most dangerous ghouls. Amon got his promotion and now must get use to his new subordinate Akira Mado. The CCG continues their investigation of the Gourmet, the “eye patch ghoul”, and Aogiri, but still aren’t any closer to finding any of them. Amon and Akira investigate a ghoul restaurant, and find the culprit to be the “eye patch ghoul”.  In the meanwhile, Ken and Shu tear through the ward in search of leads to Aogiri and Dr. Kano. Ken is reunited with Yamori’s friend, Nico, and is informed of all the information he needs on Aogiri. Ken attempts to visit Dr. Kano but finds that he is on vacation. Ken must now find Dr. Kano before Aogiri does.

This volume showed a completely different side of Ken. He is 100% merciless and will do anything needed to reach his goal. Ken assaulted the ghoul restaurant in search of answers and killed nearly 60 ghouls in the process. Ken has become exactly what he needed to be. I kind of miss the old Ken, and how caring he was, this Ken is kind of unstable and scary. Ken is now conflicting with who he is and who he was. At times, there is a small glimpse at his softer side, then he talks about ripping someone’s limbs off. I’m sure that in time he will mature and become better adjusted.

The CCG received a lot of attention in this volume. Amon, and Juzo were promoted and Amon took on a new subordinate. Akira Mado is the daughter of Kureo Mado, Amon’s previous partner. This should spark some interesting developments as either a volatile relationship or maybe even a love interest. Akira shows similar traits of her father, for example his disregard of honorifics and wasting time. Amon certainly has his hands full with his new responsibilities and a new partner. This volume made it harder to choose between the CCG and the ghouls. Both sides seem right and just to a point. I hope that in time maybe the ghouls and humans can get along.

As this volume focused more on story and a bit less on action, quite a bit has happened that I will not be able to disclose. However, it is worth mentioning that Ken has figured out that Dr. Kano is using Rize’s organs to create more one eyed ghouls just like Ken. This huge and stunning revelation has brought a whole new direction to this story. If Aogiri were to get their hands-on Dr. Kano and his ability to create ghouls, they would be unstoppable. It is imperative that Ken finds him first.

This volume of Tokyo Ghoul was one of the better entries into the series. I don’t think many things could compare to Ken’s transformation, but the fact that ghouls can just be created is a huge game changing development. I would say that this is one of the strongest entries because of all the other developments as well. I eagerly look forward to the next volume, and can’t wait to see what happens. Tokyo Ghoul volume 9 was a fantastic read and you should check it out.