One Piece Volume 10 Cover.
Image courtesy of VIZ Media.


  • Story: Eiichiro Oda.
  • Art: Eiichiro Oda.
  • Released: April 4, 2006.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 192.

The Straw Hat crew meets Arlong’s pirates in an all-out war. Luffy challenged Arlong, but was knocked to the ocean floor. To save him the Straw Hats must defeat Arlong’s crew. Zolo holds his own against Hachi, an octopus fish-man that wields 6 swords. Sanji goes toe to toe with Kuroobi, a 40th-degree master in fish-man karate. Usopp is tasked to fight off Choo, a fish-man with the ability to launch water from his mouth like a canon. After several arduous battles, Luffy has been freed from the ocean floor and can now resume his fight with Arlong.

The level of action in this volume was off the charts. Zolo, Sanji, and Usopp fought their adversaries and came out on top. This volume was nearly 100% action and I enjoyed every bit. Zolo took down a foe that wields six swords, Sanji overcame a highly trained martial artist, and Usopp beat a fish-man down with a hammer. All fights were fought valiantly and have increased the chances of saving the village and bringing Nami back.

The character development in this volume went to Usopp. Even with all the fighting, Usopp managed to have a revelation and stopped running from his fight. It was when Usopp finally believed in himself that he could take down one of the most dangerous members of Arlong’s crew. In just a few volumes Usopp went from a lying coward to a fish-man fighter. Usopp is finally showing some promise and now has something to bring to the table. I know that I won’t underestimate him again.

The battle between Arlong and Luffy was just heating up as the volume ended. Arlong possesses immense strength and will not go down easily. Luffy isn’t pulling any punches and even breaks Arlong’s teeth. The teeth grow back of course, but the fact is that Luffy broke them to begin with. Other than that, Arlong seems invincible. Luffy has taken down a few “invincible” foes in the past and I know that it’s only a matter of time before Luffy does the same to Arlong. The fun is in just watching the epic battles take place.

Arlong is by the far the worst foe that the Straw Hat crew has encountered. Arlong and his crew needlessly kill people. Sometimes it appears they just kill for fun. It goes without saying that Arlong needs to be stopped, but strength will not be enough. Luffy will need some new skills to take down Arlong. Early in the fight Luffy used almost all his signature moves and not even one scratched Arlong. I hope Luffy has something up his sleeve, he’s going to need it.

Though there was a lot of action in this volume, I did enjoy it. I normally prefer more story, but I find myself looking forward to these fights as they are normally some of the most amazing fights I will ever see. Luffy has never let his crew down and I doubt he will any time soon. The final battle between Luffy and Arlong is sure to be grand and I cannot wait to see it. One Piece volume 10 was a phenomenal read.