Zone-00 Volume 1 Cover.
Image courtesy of VIZ Media.


  • Story: Kiyo QJO.
  • Art: Kiyo QJO.
  • Released: November 18, 2014.
  • Imprint: VIZ Select.
  • Pages: 175.

A drug known as Zone-00 is getting into the hands of demons and causing them to lose all self-control. Two school students must pair up to stop the demons and find out where the drugs are coming from. Ango Shima, the head exorcist of the Shima house, and Kujo Suburo, a demon. This unlikely pair will have to band together and put aside their differences in order to bring down the drug. Can Shima endure the demon world and bring an end to this drug?

This volume is difficult to follow. Aside from the crazy antics that the characters go through and the breaking of the fourth wall, the story is lost in several places of this volume. I had thought that the point of this story was for two separate parties to join forces and stop the distribution of a drug. However, the characters appear to do most anything but that. I am also having a hard time pinpointing what kind of series this is.

I will say that this is a fun series so far. This volume was full of pop culture references that I am certain most anyone would enjoy. The characters are also humorous and have several hilarious conversations. I am hopeful that as this series continues more things will become clear and the story will develop further. So far, the series is a little confusing. It is only near the end that things begin to make sense.

The characters are interesting to say the least. The demons are cool as they appear to have a human form and can control their abilities. The characters are funny just being themselves. The characters are also the main reason as to why it is so difficult to figure out the genre of this series. At times, there is a shojo feel and other times there is a yaoi feel. Granted I’m fine with either, it would just be nice to know exactly where this series fits.

Zone-00 is one of those weird series where you can’t exactly believe what you are reading, but for some reason you just can’t put it down. Even though this was one of the most difficult volumes to follow, it was still a fun and entertaining read. I have high hopes for this series and cannot wait to read more. Zone-00 volume 1 was a great read.