Zone-00 Volume 2 Cover.
Image courtesy of VIZ Media.



  • Story: Kiyo QJO
  • Art: Kiyo QJO.
  • Released: December 16, 2014.
  • Imprint: VIZ Select.
  • Pages: 186.

Shima wakes up in another dimension created by Hime. Rouji attacks Tencho and Kujo and awakens the demons that live inside them. Rouji now battles the awakened ogre Kiyoami only to be stopped by Murakumo. Soon after Rouji attacks his younger brother Renji to settle a dispute that is over a hundred years old. Senryo and Tsukihiko also settle a dispute from the past. Benten attempts to do what Senryo can’t and tries to kill Tsukihiko. Tsukihiko has other plans and Benten falls in battle. Benten uses Zone-00 and finds that is has healing properties for creatures. A war is brewing between creatures and Shima and Kujo are in the middle.

Once again, this series has proven to nearly incomprehensible and impossible to follow. Most every character has a creature or demon inside of them and then that creature or demon has its own name. For example, Kiyoami is the ogre that lives inside Kujo and Tencho becomes Konnosuke the nine-tailed fox. This makes it extremely difficult to follow exactly what is going on.

This volume is nearly one hundred percent action and fighting. We don’t get any new information on Zone-00 until the last few pages of the volume. We learn that when a creature uses Zone-00 not only do they become super strong and heal rapidly, they also suffer from withdrawals and have nightmares. Zone-00 seems to be a blessing to some creatures and a curse to others. For example, Rouji receives a boost in his strength, while Tsukihiko suffers from intense nightmares and will not ever wake up.

If I have followed the series correctly it would appear that Rouji is attempting to shake down the stronger creatures to get them to sell Zone-00. I came to that conclusion when Rouji attacked Kujo and Tencho. Tencho had made a statement in regards to his disdain of selling the drug. Rouji also appears to be attacking Renji because Renji is with Rouji’s previous lover.

This volume shows promise for the series and introduced some new characters. This volume also had nudity, so if you are sensitive to that content please be aware. This isn’t a bad series, it is just extremely difficult to follow. I really want to like this series as it is much different from the regular series of manga that I read daily. I look forward to reading the next volume and I hope that the series becomes easier to follow. All in all, Zone-00 volume 2 was an interesting read.