Zone-00 Volume 3 Cover.
Image courtesy of VIZ Media.


  • Story: Kiyo QJO.
  • Art: Kiyo QJO.
  • Released: December 30, 2014.
  • Imprint: VIZ Select.
  • Pages: 196.

Benten’s younger brother Benio comes to visit him and urges him to visit their older brother Bishamon who is a doctor. Benten has used Zone-00 and since then he has not slept well due to the nightmares and other side effects. As Benten makes his way to see Bishamon, Renji and Benio fight. Just as Renji was about to deal the finishing blow to Benio he became Kisshou. Kisshou nearly defeated Renji but luckily Senryo intervened and picked up where Renji left off. During his fight with Kisshou Senryo learns more about Zone-00 and even more about himself. Benten visits Bishamon and learns a dark secret about his brother. What does this mean for Benten?

I don’t think it would be possible to have a more difficult series. Like with previous volumes this volume is all over the place. We are constantly jumping back and forth between several different characters. It is becoming easier to keep the story straight now that I have memorized all the character’s names but the story is still hard to follow. I am starting to like the story more as it has a mysterious air surrounding it and the characters are becoming more interesting.

The story has developed a bit further as we now know who is manufacturing and distributing Zone-00. We also learned the back story of Zone-00 and how it came to be. I will say that the ingredients were surprising and a little disgusting to say the least. The story is interesting I would like it more if it were a more organized. As far as characters go Senryo and Renji are my favorites. When all is said, and done if they survive, I’m happy.

Benten had a bit of a character development when he looked past his undying worship for his brother and see exactly who he truly was. With the shocking news that we got at the end of the volume, I am not sure what this will mean for Benten. Benten is now entrusted with a task that only he can complete, I’m just not sure if he will survive. I hope that Benten can successfully fulfill his task and do what must be done for the sake of the world. Benten’s failure would certainly spell trouble for all living creatures in the world.

I have never stumbled upon a series like Zone-00 before. I am so conflicted about this series. I like it but at the same time I’m annoyed by how it seems to be hastily thrown together. Some points in the story don’t even seem to make sense. Taking into consideration the negative qualities of the series there are still several positive qualities. The art is amazing and heavily detailed. The characters are some of the most interesting and unique characters that I have ever seen. The story is truly the only negative quality here. I plan to read the series again in hopes of better understanding the story. All in all, Zone-00 volume 3 was a solid read and I look forward to continuing the series.